This page serves to answer questions frequently ask by parents and tutors. We hope that you will find it useful.

If you have any enquires, please feel free to call us at 9736 1832 or 9829 6966 or Email Us.


    • How do I engage a private tutor?You may fill up the request form and we will get in touch with you for additional information if needed. If you do not wish to fill up the request form, you may give us a call directly at 9736 1832.
    • Do I need to pay agency’s fee?Vivace agency will not charge you any agency fees for the matching process. We will get the commission from the tutors who have been given the assignment.
    • How do I make payment?The payment is collected at the end of half of the lessons of the first month for each assignment. E.g. If you have a total of 8 lessons each month, we will collect payment on the end of the 4th lesson. Our tutors are not allow to collect this commission on behalf of us.
      You may choose to transfer the fee to us online or through ATM bank tansfer or we may also arrange a dispatch to collect it at your house.
    • How much commission does Vivace agency charge?Our agency charge 50% of the agreed tuition fees as commission from Tutors. We will collect the payment directly from the parents on the end of half of the lessons on the first month of tutoring.



    • How do I become a tutor?Fill up the form at Registration and send us your qualification certificates. Our agency will look through your application and notify you through whatsapp of any assignments available for you.
  • Do I need to pay agency fees?No, the registration is free. A 50% commission is charged for half of the lessons in the first month upon commencement. This applies to all assignments, even if parents or tutor decides to discontinue the tuition for any reason.